Yes, we're geeks. So what. We're proud of it. 15000 days ago (1970), a couple of guys got together at a laboratory in New Jersey and set out to create a better operating system. At the time it was for computers that where bigger than your closet at home. That operating system went on to influence the computer industry that are immeasurable. Now the derivatives of their work live on in everything from the computers on your desktop to your phone and the servers that they connect to for content, like this one. Unix has shown over 40 years that a good design that is open and plays nicely with others can endure many generations of technology. Most products in the computer industry don't last longer than a decade, so for one to last four decades is something special. And now it lives on in Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, the iPhone, etc. and it looks like there is no end in site. Thanks Dennis, Brian, Ken, Douglas and Joe.

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