Some of you may be having difficulties connecting if you are using a non-standard hostname for connecting to your e-mail or through ssh or ftp.

These are the hostnames we'd like you to use so that you are well supported:


  • Outgoing SMTP:
  • Incoming IMAP:
  • Incoming POP3:
  • Webmail:

If you are still using, that will currently work ok, but we will no longer renew the SSL certificate associated with that hostname, so you may have trouble if you use SSL or TLS encryption to connect to that hostname for your e-mail.


  • Please use the hostname of your website or use

MX server

  • If you are managing your own DNS and have been pointing your MX record to or, you will need to point that to We may be changing this later, but we'll contact you when we do.

If you have questions about another service and what the proper hostname is, please let us know.