We've almost finished wrapping up all the issues with the move to the new shared user server Dorabella. As often happens with a server migration, it took longer than expected and we went into the morning a bit with the downtime and some issues. Sorry about that. We try really hard. Honest. There are just a million things that you have to remember and we forgot a few. But overall it went better than previous shared user server moves.

Those of you who use SSH/SCP/SFTP to login or transfer files, you'll have to remove your old host key and accept the new one when prompted. Right now FTP isn't working properly, but you should be using SCP or SFTP to transfer files anyways as we've told our customers many many many times before over the past 10 years, so make sure you check out this document for details. We'll try to get FTP working again soon, but its not the top priority right now.

Please let us know if you are still having any authentication or e-mail issues by e-mailing support at suso dot com. Please check for the issue again before asking though as we've fixed several issues as of this writing.

Thank you.