We just finished upgrading the Squirrelmail webmail installation to the latest version. Please let us know if you notice any issues. Our testing shows that things are working ok.

We're planning on adding a few other webmail options to the mix in the coming weeks. We've been hesitant to do so because we wanted to finish the migration to LDAP and the new shared user server (Dorabella) first.

Now for some history.

Many years ago Suso had an option for setting which webmail software you wanted to use and keep that preference saved. It worked great, but unfortunately the webmail software that we were using at the time (Jawmail) was not maintained and was no longer compatible with our system after a certain point. Such has been the way with webmail systems over the past decade. Some people criticize our lack of webmail options, but you have to see it from our point of view. Suso actually was one of the first and few providers to offer a webmail system all the way back in 1999. I think Aeromail was the first option we went with. I modified it quite a bit to work better with our user preferences and also offer some extra options and ended up releasing it as a forked version called Oreamail. Aeromail didn't last very long and we ended up going with Jawmail for a while. Then Squirrelmail came along. You have to understand that over the last 10 years, webmail systems have come and gone and its been difficult to find one as well maintained and as stable as Squirrelmail. So that is the reason why we've stuck with it. Roundcube is often quoted as an alternative option and we actually tried out Roundcube on the first day it was available, but it had a lot of bugs to work out. Now it finally has something of a stable version. THere are also a few others like AfterLogic and Hastymail that we will try.