There are some big events that will happen at Suso this Friday night July 30th that will affect some of the websites and e-mail hosted with Suso.

The first change that we'll be making is to switch our authentication over to a different system. That should be happening later this week and should mostly be transparent to you. Please let us know immediately if you have any issue with logging in.

The next major change is that all the users on the server called Arvo will have their websites and email moved to a new server called Dorabella. We've spent the last couple months preparing for this move and think it should go smoothly. With this move comes several software upgrades for websites, most notably will be PHP 5.3. We've gone through and checked websites that use PHP to see if there would be any problems with this upgrade and only found a few minor issues. We will be contacting you if your site needs to have changes made. Also, MySQL will be upgraded to MySQL 5.0 and Apache will be upgraded to 2.2

Also, if you use SSH, SCP or SFTP to connect to your account, you should note that the host key will be changed and you will receive a warning about the host key changing on your SSH/SCP/SFTP client program. You should remove the old host key before continuing and accept the new host key.

Despite these changes, we're trying to keep the end user from having to make any configuration changes at this point. Although in the near future there may be some e-mail configuration changes. We'll let you know when and what these changes are to be made once we're ready.

This server migration will happen this Friday night July 30th starting at 9pm EST, or 1am GMT on July 31st. The window for downtime will be 6 hours. During this time all websites and email on the older server will be unavailable.

If you have any questions, please direct them to