In celebration of Suso's 12.69315th year anniversary and just because we are so nice, we've increased everyone's VPS hosts' RAM by 33%. If you had 256MB before, you will have 340MB now, if you had 512MB before, you will have 680MB now and so on. Along with this increase we've implemented a new feature we developed called Fast Swap. Hopefully you won't need it, but if you do start to use virtual memory, it will be faster than normal disk based swap and shouldn't interfere with other customer's VPSes as much.

You should have already been contacted about making these changes and we have already rebooted most of the VMs. If you haven't yet, please let us know when a good time to reboot yours would be. Thanks and enjoy.

Update: The upgrade has been a success and as you can see from the graph below of the load average on one of the Xen hosts, it is helping tremendously.

Xen host load graph

The load average on the host has gone down significantly, showing that there is less disk contention.