As promised, the web control panel on the Suso website has been restored and improved to match the new site better.

Probably the best way to access the control panel is by clicking on the "hosting login" link at the top right of the Suso website. Or you can go straight to it via this address:

You'll notice that we've changed to a set of icons for the various categories and functions. This layout will allow us to more easily add and change functionality than our old site allowed, so you can expect more functionality in the future.

Those of you who have accounts on the new shared server and have waited for PHPMyAdmin to use with your database access will finally have that feature available directly through the control panel.

There are still some aesthetic issues to take care of, but the functionality is all there.

UPDATE: If you tried accessing the control panel before 10:20am EST today, please try again. We forgot to open up the firewall.