Happy Halloween everyone! Fall or Autumn, whatever you want to call it is probably my favorite time of year. I have lots of good memories that I associate it with. Playing in piles of leaves, changing colors, starting a new year of school, marching band as well as starting Suso. October 31st is a sweet day, not only for trick or treaters but for Suso. For it was on Halloween night in 1997 that I created a new server and added a user to it for my friend Andy living in Seattle. From that day on, the server would be known as Suso. Or for fully qualified domain name nuts, suso.eigenmann.indiana.edu. Andy uploaded some files that night via FTP to his account to get his website started, then we played Diablo until 6am. It was a great time and it still is. ;-)

I wish I could say that I always imagined Suso becoming a great web hosting provider, but honestly back then everything was quite different. There were no major hosting companies like there are now. My focus then as it still is today was on creating services that would help people make great websites. Whether it be a simple website or a social media site, the goal is the same.