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Tuesday, January 25 2011

Suso Celebrates Unix Epoch Day 15000

Yes, we're geeks. So what. We're proud of it. 15000 days ago (1970), a couple of guys got together at a laboratory in New Jersey and set out to create a better operating system. At the time it was for computers that where bigger than your closet at home. That operating system went on to influence the computer industry that are immeasurable. Now the derivatives of their work live on in everything from the computers on your desktop to your phone and the servers that they connect to for content, like this one. Unix has shown over 40 years that a good design that is open and plays nicely with others can endure many generations of technology. Most products in the computer industry don't last longer than a decade, so for one to last four decades is something special. And now it lives on in Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, the iPhone, etc. and it looks like there is no end in site. Thanks Dennis, Brian, Ken, Douglas and Joe.

Suso is throwing a party to celebrate the event on Jan. 25th from 6pm to 8pm in Fountain Square Ballroom. There will be free food and drinks, music and more. More details are available at

Thursday, August 19 2010

Short outage this morning

One of our virtualization hosts crashed and rebooted this morning after being up for nearly a year. The virtual servers that were on that system included one of the shared user servers that also hosts a lot of the virtual e-mail accounts. So if you use e-mail at Suso, you probably noticed a short time where you couldn't login. Sorry for the interruption.

UPDATE: After bringing things back up, there was an issue with e-mail for some users. It has now been fixed.

Wednesday, August 11 2010

Overnight slowness fixed

We had some issues with slowness on the network overnight that have now been fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Monday, August 2 2010

Proper DNS hostnames to use for mail, ssh, ftp, etc.

Some of you may be having difficulties connecting if you are using a non-standard hostname for connecting to your e-mail or through ssh or ftp.

These are the hostnames we'd like you to use so that you are well supported:


  • Outgoing SMTP:
  • Incoming IMAP:
  • Incoming POP3:
  • Webmail:

If you are still using, that will currently work ok, but we will no longer renew the SSL certificate associated with that hostname, so you may have trouble if you use SSL or TLS encryption to connect to that hostname for your e-mail.


  • Please use the hostname of your website or use

MX server

  • If you are managing your own DNS and have been pointing your MX record to or, you will need to point that to We may be changing this later, but we'll contact you when we do.

If you have questions about another service and what the proper hostname is, please let us know.

Saturday, July 31 2010

Move to new server successful

We've almost finished wrapping up all the issues with the move to the new shared user server Dorabella. As often happens with a server migration, it took longer than expected and we went into the morning a bit with the downtime and some issues. Sorry about that. We try really hard. Honest. There are just a million things that you have to remember and we forgot a few. But overall it went better than previous shared user server moves.

Those of you who use SSH/SCP/SFTP to login or transfer files, you'll have to remove your old host key and accept the new one when prompted. Right now FTP isn't working properly, but you should be using SCP or SFTP to transfer files anyways as we've told our customers many many many times before over the past 10 years, so make sure you check out this document for details. We'll try to get FTP working again soon, but its not the top priority right now.

Please let us know if you are still having any authentication or e-mail issues by e-mailing support at suso dot com. Please check for the issue again before asking though as we've fixed several issues as of this writing.

Thank you.

Tuesday, July 27 2010

Webmail system upgraded

We just finished upgrading the Squirrelmail webmail installation to the latest version. Please let us know if you notice any issues. Our testing shows that things are working ok.

We're planning on adding a few other webmail options to the mix in the coming weeks. We've been hesitant to do so because we wanted to finish the migration to LDAP and the new shared user server (Dorabella) first.

Now for some history.

Many years ago Suso had an option for setting which webmail software you wanted to use and keep that preference saved. It worked great, but unfortunately the webmail software that we were using at the time (Jawmail) was not maintained and was no longer compatible with our system after a certain point. Such has been the way with webmail systems over the past decade. Some people criticize our lack of webmail options, but you have to see it from our point of view. Suso actually was one of the first and few providers to offer a webmail system all the way back in 1999. I think Aeromail was the first option we went with. I modified it quite a bit to work better with our user preferences and also offer some extra options and ended up releasing it as a forked version called Oreamail. Aeromail didn't last very long and we ended up going with Jawmail for a while. Then Squirrelmail came along. You have to understand that over the last 10 years, webmail systems have come and gone and its been difficult to find one as well maintained and as stable as Squirrelmail. So that is the reason why we've stuck with it. Roundcube is often quoted as an alternative option and we actually tried out Roundcube on the first day it was available, but it had a lot of bugs to work out. Now it finally has something of a stable version. THere are also a few others like AfterLogic and Hastymail that we will try.

Monday, July 26 2010

Server migration this Friday from Arvo to Dorabella

There are some big events that will happen at Suso this Friday night July 30th that will affect some of the websites and e-mail hosted with Suso.

The first change that we'll be making is to switch our authentication over to a different system. That should be happening later this week and should mostly be transparent to you. Please let us know immediately if you have any issue with logging in.

The next major change is that all the users on the server called Arvo will have their websites and email moved to a new server called Dorabella. We've spent the last couple months preparing for this move and think it should go smoothly. With this move comes several software upgrades for websites, most notably will be PHP 5.3. We've gone through and checked websites that use PHP to see if there would be any problems with this upgrade and only found a few minor issues. We will be contacting you if your site needs to have changes made. Also, MySQL will be upgraded to MySQL 5.0 and Apache will be upgraded to 2.2

Also, if you use SSH, SCP or SFTP to connect to your account, you should note that the host key will be changed and you will receive a warning about the host key changing on your SSH/SCP/SFTP client program. You should remove the old host key before continuing and accept the new host key.

Despite these changes, we're trying to keep the end user from having to make any configuration changes at this point. Although in the near future there may be some e-mail configuration changes. We'll let you know when and what these changes are to be made once we're ready.

This server migration will happen this Friday night July 30th starting at 9pm EST, or 1am GMT on July 31st. The window for downtime will be 6 hours. During this time all websites and email on the older server will be unavailable.

If you have any questions, please direct them to

Friday, July 23 2010

List of 3-letter .co domains that are still available

3 days ago, the .co top level domain was opened to the public. Since that time a huge number of domains have been registered on it, including over 14,000 of the 3 character combinations. If you've been looking to get in getting a 3 letter combination, we have a special treat for you. Last night we generated a list of the 3-letter combinations that are still available. It is on our safe domain search site:

We hope you're able to find a domain that suits you and would be happy to host it for you.

Saturday, July 10 2010

Virtual machine RAM defaults increased by 33% and new Fast Swap feature

In celebration of Suso's 12.69315th year anniversary and just because we are so nice, we've increased everyone's VPS hosts' RAM by 33%. If you had 256MB before, you will have 340MB now, if you had 512MB before, you will have 680MB now and so on. Along with this increase we've implemented a new feature we developed called Fast Swap. Hopefully you won't need it, but if you do start to use virtual memory, it will be faster than normal disk based swap and shouldn't interfere with other customer's VPSes as much.

You should have already been contacted about making these changes and we have already rebooted most of the VMs. If you haven't yet, please let us know when a good time to reboot yours would be. Thanks and enjoy.

Update: The upgrade has been a success and as you can see from the graph below of the load average on one of the Xen hosts, it is helping tremendously.

Xen host load graph

The load average on the host has gone down significantly, showing that there is less disk contention.

Friday, June 25 2010

Missing email from this month?

If you are missing email from between June 13th and June 15th, you should check your spam folder as it might be located there. If you don't see your spam folder, you may need to subscribe to it in your mail client.

We made an upgrade to our spam filter software on June 13th and there was a default scoring for a rule that was set too high. We fixed this on the 15th, but there were some legitimate messages that would have been marked as spam. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Monday, April 19 2010

Shared user server outage (camille)

We're having some major problems with one of our shared user servers (camille). We're having to reinstall its OS right now to get it running again. This will take a few hours to do and during this time any websites and e-mail on that server will be unavailable. We're very sorry for the inconvenience.

Wednesday, February 10 2010

Webmail URL change to

Suso is currently in a long running project to migrate some of our based hostnames and URLs to ones. Part of this is that tonight around 11pm EST, we will be changing the webmail website from to We will put a redirect on it so that if you go to the old address you be redirected, but you may receive a warning from your browser that the hostname doesn't match. Please update any bookmarks you have to the old URL and start using the new URL after tonight. This change will not affect your e-mail address or the hostname that other e-mail clients connect to, this change is only for webmail access. If you have any questions or problems, please e-mail

Tuesday, November 3 2009

Web Control Panel restored

As promised, the web control panel on the Suso website has been restored and improved to match the new site better.

Probably the best way to access the control panel is by clicking on the "hosting login" link at the top right of the Suso website. Or you can go straight to it via this address:

You'll notice that we've changed to a set of icons for the various categories and functions. This layout will allow us to more easily add and change functionality than our old site allowed, so you can expect more functionality in the future.

Those of you who have accounts on the new shared server and have waited for PHPMyAdmin to use with your database access will finally have that feature available directly through the control panel.

There are still some aesthetic issues to take care of, but the functionality is all there.

UPDATE: If you tried accessing the control panel before 10:20am EST today, please try again. We forgot to open up the firewall.

Monday, November 2 2009

New website up and working

Hooray! We've finally released the new Suso website along with an ensemble of websites for news and support. We invite you to look around and give us feedback. You can use many ways to give us feedback, you can use the comments section on this blog, you can send us an e-mail ( or use the live chat feature of the main and support sites.

Saturday, October 31 2009

Entering our 13th year!

Happy Halloween everyone! Fall or Autumn, whatever you want to call it is probably my favorite time of year. I have lots of good memories that I associate it with. Playing in piles of leaves, changing colors, starting a new year of school, marching band as well as starting Suso. October 31st is a sweet day, not only for trick or treaters but for Suso. For it was on Halloween night in 1997 that I created a new server and added a user to it for my friend Andy living in Seattle. From that day on, the server would be known as Suso. Or for fully qualified domain name nuts, Andy uploaded some files that night via FTP to his account to get his website started, then we played Diablo until 6am. It was a great time and it still is. ;-)

I wish I could say that I always imagined Suso becoming a great web hosting provider, but honestly back then everything was quite different. There were no major hosting companies like there are now. My focus then as it still is today was on creating services that would help people make great websites. Whether it be a simple website or a social media site, the goal is the same.

Friday, October 16 2009

New Office, New address

We never really sent out a big announcement about this, but back in February of this year we moved into a larger office two floors up from where we were. Our new physical address, which is still in Fountain Square is:

101 W. Kirkwood Ave.
Suite 222
Bloomington, IN 47404

As always, it is preferable to send any payments to our P.O. Box:

Suso Technology Services, Inc.
P.O. Box 3476
Bloomington, IN 47402

If you happened to send any payments to our old office address, it is ok. One of our customers moved into that office and he has forwarded us those payments.

Thank you.

Welcome to the Suso News Blog

Welcome to the new Suso News Blog. We decided that a better way of making announcements about new services, changes to existing ones, announcements about downtime, etc. would be to setup a blog. This way we can syndicate the news item titles to our main website, you can subscribe to categories of announcements if you want and so on. We will still use the mailing list we were using before for some very important announcements, but for the most part, we will use this blog.

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