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Wednesday, October 7 2015

Mail delivery issues

Today we've been hit with a mail delivery issue caused by our upstream provider misconfiguring some kind of inline mail filtering device designed to stop spam. This was causing some e-mail to bounce back to the sender. For the time being, we've disabled our MX mail server so that mail won't continue to bounce until the problem has been resolved, which should hopefully be today. We're working with our provider to correct the issue.

Monday, August 17 2015

Emergency server issues and outage

We are currently having trouble with the host hardware machine that runs some of the Suso services. Fixing this problem may take several hours and during this time some of our services will be unavailable. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Monday, August 3 2015

Email sending issues

One of our parent internet providers has recently had a large IP address block added to an e-mail sending blacklist. The IP addresses we use for many of Suso's servers are part of this larger IP block. We have contacted our parent provider about this issue as well as the blacklist provider and are waiting for a quick resolution, however it may take some time. During this time you may experience problems sending e-mail through Suso to other recipients such as error messages returned via e-mail saying that the remote email provided would not accept your message. You should try sending the message again every few hours or use an alternate e-mail provider in order to communicate. There shouldn't be any issues receiving mail on your Suso account. Sorry for this inconvenience.

Sunday, April 19 2015

Temporary authentication issues

Overnight users may have experienced authentication issues with accounts. This problem has been fixed and was due to an upgrade. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Monday, November 3 2014

E-mail outage for some customers

We are currently having an issue with one of our e-mail servers and are working to resolve the problem. During this time your e-mail may be inaccessible. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Thursday, October 30 2014

Authentication issues

This morning we had a server outage that caused authentication issues on some of our services. The issue is now resolved and you should be able to login normally. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.

Saturday, October 26 2013

Downtime of e-mail services and authentication this morning

This morning we had an extended period of downtime due to the previously mentioned move of several services to a new server. Services are restored now, however there will be additional downtime over the next few days that is planned as part of our continued move. We will try to keep the outages to a minimum and appologize for this inconvenience.

Thursday, December 20 2012

Problem with virtual e-mail accounts this morning. Now fixed.

One of the filesystems that holds virtual e-mail accounts had an issue this morning and needed to be taken offline for a check. We've fixed the issue and everything should be working again as expected. Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused you.

Friday, December 14 2012

Server crash causes downtime (further issues)

This morning we had a hardware failure on one of our servers that hosts several servers, including one of the shared user servers (dorabella) with websites and some email services. All services are now restored however services will continue to be slower than usual throughout the day. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

UPDATE: We are continuing to have a few problems as a result of the this mornings recovery. We had a problem with one of the filesystems where home directories were located and this was causing a problem with some people checking and receiving their e-mail. We had to reboot the server and were down for about an hour during that time. We've now fixed that issue, however services will remain slow for several more hours while the replacement disk rebuilds itself. Thank you for your continued patience while we fix these issues.

Monday, May 21 2012

Network outage

We had an extended network outage overnight due to lighting directly striking our power generator. We're now recovering from this. All services should be working by noon EST. Most will be available earlier. Sorry for any inconveniences this causes.

Monday, April 30 2012

Emergency shutdown of a few systems

We have to do an emergency shutdown of a few servers today in order to fix a malfunctioning disk. The downtime should be less than an hour, but during this time most mail services will be offline as well as many user websites. We apologize for this inconvenience.

As we continue to work on this issue through the night, some services may be very slow or unavailable for a time. We're working to get everything working normally again. Thanks for your patience.

Thursday, February 16 2012

Server outage

One of our virtualization servers crashed this morning and had to be recovered. This caused an outage for those who use as your incoming or outgoing mail server as well as some of you who have virtual machines. The crash happened at 11:05 GMT (6:05 EST) and we had everything back up by 12:15 GMT (7:15 EST). So the downtime was fairly brief. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. If you are having any issues after this outage, please contact us at

Friday, February 11 2011

Short outage of a few servers

One of the virtualization servers that hosts a couple of the Suso shared servers had a hard lock and crashed around 5:30pm EST. After dealing with a hardware issue to bring the system back up, we had to run disk checks and then bring back the hosts. During this time most of the email only mail accounts would have been unavailable as well as several websites. Everything was back up and running by 6:50 EST. We apologize for the inconvenience this caused.

Thursday, August 19 2010

Short outage this morning

One of our virtualization hosts crashed and rebooted this morning after being up for nearly a year. The virtual servers that were on that system included one of the shared user servers that also hosts a lot of the virtual e-mail accounts. So if you use e-mail at Suso, you probably noticed a short time where you couldn't login. Sorry for the interruption.

UPDATE: After bringing things back up, there was an issue with e-mail for some users. It has now been fixed.

Wednesday, August 11 2010

Overnight slowness fixed

We had some issues with slowness on the network overnight that have now been fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Saturday, July 31 2010

Move to new server successful

We've almost finished wrapping up all the issues with the move to the new shared user server Dorabella. As often happens with a server migration, it took longer than expected and we went into the morning a bit with the downtime and some issues. Sorry about that. We try really hard. Honest. There are just a million things that you have to remember and we forgot a few. But overall it went better than previous shared user server moves.

Those of you who use SSH/SCP/SFTP to login or transfer files, you'll have to remove your old host key and accept the new one when prompted. Right now FTP isn't working properly, but you should be using SCP or SFTP to transfer files anyways as we've told our customers many many many times before over the past 10 years, so make sure you check out this document for details. We'll try to get FTP working again soon, but its not the top priority right now.

Please let us know if you are still having any authentication or e-mail issues by e-mailing support at suso dot com. Please check for the issue again before asking though as we've fixed several issues as of this writing.

Thank you.

Monday, July 26 2010

Server migration this Friday from Arvo to Dorabella

There are some big events that will happen at Suso this Friday night July 30th that will affect some of the websites and e-mail hosted with Suso.

The first change that we'll be making is to switch our authentication over to a different system. That should be happening later this week and should mostly be transparent to you. Please let us know immediately if you have any issue with logging in.

The next major change is that all the users on the server called Arvo will have their websites and email moved to a new server called Dorabella. We've spent the last couple months preparing for this move and think it should go smoothly. With this move comes several software upgrades for websites, most notably will be PHP 5.3. We've gone through and checked websites that use PHP to see if there would be any problems with this upgrade and only found a few minor issues. We will be contacting you if your site needs to have changes made. Also, MySQL will be upgraded to MySQL 5.0 and Apache will be upgraded to 2.2

Also, if you use SSH, SCP or SFTP to connect to your account, you should note that the host key will be changed and you will receive a warning about the host key changing on your SSH/SCP/SFTP client program. You should remove the old host key before continuing and accept the new host key.

Despite these changes, we're trying to keep the end user from having to make any configuration changes at this point. Although in the near future there may be some e-mail configuration changes. We'll let you know when and what these changes are to be made once we're ready.

This server migration will happen this Friday night July 30th starting at 9pm EST, or 1am GMT on July 31st. The window for downtime will be 6 hours. During this time all websites and email on the older server will be unavailable.

If you have any questions, please direct them to

Monday, April 19 2010

Shared user server outage (camille)

We're having some major problems with one of our shared user servers (camille). We're having to reinstall its OS right now to get it running again. This will take a few hours to do and during this time any websites and e-mail on that server will be unavailable. We're very sorry for the inconvenience.

Wednesday, February 10 2010

Webmail URL change to

Suso is currently in a long running project to migrate some of our based hostnames and URLs to ones. Part of this is that tonight around 11pm EST, we will be changing the webmail website from to We will put a redirect on it so that if you go to the old address you be redirected, but you may receive a warning from your browser that the hostname doesn't match. Please update any bookmarks you have to the old URL and start using the new URL after tonight. This change will not affect your e-mail address or the hostname that other e-mail clients connect to, this change is only for webmail access. If you have any questions or problems, please e-mail